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Gil Divine (actual name) was born in Cherry Hill, NJ, and grew up in Palm Desert, CA. Ever the ambitious young man, Gil once had a job at a frozen yogurt shop that was owned by none other than Tony Orlando. The story could have ended there ("Singer Tony Orlando Drowns Know-It-All Teen Employee In Vat Of FroYo"), but in the early 90s Gil headed north to Oakland and a frozen yogurt-free future. Gil played guitar in bands and had no money, so he learned how to fix all his own gear. He became a luthier, built pedalboards, and repaired amps all out of a rehearsal room in Oakland, and later out of the back of his house in Portland, OR. For more than a decade Gil toured the world and ate plain cheese pizza in every country as a touring guitar tech for the likes of Yo La Tengo, The White Stripes, Lucinda Williams, The National and many others.


Gil sez:


I got tired of seeing people getting fleeced by 'high-end' cable companies' gimmicks and hype. I have witnessed brand new, right out of the box 'high end' cables fail. When I'm on the road with an artist the worst thing that could possibly happen is a cable failure. It stops the show, period. Night after night, the artists that use my cables do so with confidence; knowing that they will not fail or break leaves them able to focus on their music. That is my word and I stand behind it 100%.

I am a control freak. I hand-solder every cable; if it says Divine Noise on it, I not only designed the cable, but I made it with my hands. It's LITERALLY my name on the cables, so I must put them together with the same exacting commitment to creating a first-rate product that can be consistently perfect. Every single cable is carefully inspected, and tested with a multimeter for capacitance and resistance to ensure everything is to spec.

I offer a lifetime warranty on all of my cables. Cables always seem to fail at the least opportune moments, and that's why I build my cables NOT to fail. If your cable stops working for any reason (other than abuse), I will replace or repair it for free. If the cable is abused, I will repair it for the cost of parts. So, go ahead and give my cables your worst... good luck on breaking them!


Thanks Gil.

After years of being cramped in their 280sqft original shop in the back part of their house ( the floors were bowing in their store room from the sheer weight of all the spools of cable!), so in 2017, they built a 900sqft separate workspace in their backyard, establishing their own autonomous, dedicated space away from the skyrocketing rents that are now commonplace in Portland.


Since the start of Divine Noise in 2009, Gil has worked side-by-side with his brilliant powerhouse wife, Nicole. She checks every cable with audio before it leaves the shop. She also processes and packs every order that goes out.


Gil and Nicole live and work together in bliss in rainy SE Portland with their two Doberman Pinschers, Tilly and Frank. More than occasionally, they go out for pizza.


From their humble beginnings, they have established dealers around the world. Their cables have become the "go to" cable for many touring bands, such as Nels Cline/Jeff Tweedy Wilco, Julian Lage, The National, The Black Keys, The Killers, Tame Impala, Yo La Tengo and many, many more!!


So, the next time you plug in your Divine Noise cable, just think: you wouldn't even have this chance were it not for the impressive restraint Tony Orlando showed by not killing Gil.