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Divine Noise LLC
P.O. Box 86521
Portland, OR 97286

Shop Phone - 503.819.1279


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Maintenance Info

To clean any cable, except color cables, wipe down cable with an Armor All sprayed towel. For color cables, just wipe down with a water-dampened cloth. Clean connectors with DeoxIT.



Warranty info

If you ever have a cable of mine that fails you - hasn't happened yet - just ship said accursed item back to me and I'll fix it, or, if it is un-fixable, I'll send you a new one for free. There are exceptions*, like if you try using it underwater or using a cable of mine to tow a semi-truck and it breaks - I still might replace it. Maybe. Other than that, as long as you are not taking sharp objects to the cable, not submersing it in liquid, not setting it on fire or any other ludicrous action, we will forever stand behind our product.

*Opening or attempting to 'fix' any Divine Noise cable will void the warranty.